Putting Power Back into the Pen

About Us


Pen 2 Pen Publishing is based in Wilmington, North Carolina and is owned by author, Shaun Sinclair.

After a series of stalled book publishing contracts with notable mainstream publishers, Mr. Sinclair was prompted to venture out on his own. Armed with seven completed manuscripts, and a working knowledge of the publishing industry, the author founded Pen 2 Pen Publishing in 2012.

Pen 2 Pen Publishing's motto: "Putting Power Back into the Pen" is a double entendre that exemplifies the company's mission. Like Chester Himes and Donald Goines before him, Mr. Sinclair discovered his gift of penmanship while serving time in prison. Now, through his publishing company (and pen), he hopes to empower and inspire a new generation of readers and authors with compelling, exciting, thought-provoking stories that ring true to the era in which we live.
Pen 2 Pen Publishing
is the exclusive home of GANGSTEROTICA, a new subgenre of books created by Shaun Sinclair. GANGSTEROTICA blends street-lit with erotica, producing a potent dose of highly-sexual, lethal, thrilling tales that is sure to redefine the way novels are classified.  

Pen 2 Pen Publishing is also actively involved in charitable works like the Sinclair Literary Scholarship, which awards worthy high-school seniors scholarship money based on their literary achievement. 
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